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About Us

We are an Irish company that appreciate a good cup of tea or coffee, an authentic taste of Africa! Our mission is to serve our customers with Tanzanian tea and coffee, with the same genuine taste as perceived locally in Tanzania as the best (literally 'nzuri or Bora' in Swahili) that appeals to majority and not blended down to suit typical or particular tastes.  

Quality assurance

We endeavour to bring you Africa's quality brands of tea and coffee from the land of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. All products we sell under Kilimanjaro Koffee are produced in Tanzania, by a reputable local company (Afri Tea); licensed by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and internationally certified by SGS UK Ltd for meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. 

Our products are 100% produced, processed and packaged at source, in Tanzania, and have high preserved natural tastes. Tastes that are unique in make-up, aroma and texture. Hence the reason for being popular for tourists and locals alike. People who have had a chance to visit Tanzania for Safaris, holidays or business trips affirm that Tanzanian Tea and coffee have unique tastes and are a wonderful gifts that can be enjoyed immensely with family and friends.

When you purchase Kilimanjaro Koffee’s ranges of Tea & Coffee, you are also supporting Tanzania’s local brands compete beyond Africa. You are an ambassador, supporting Tanzania’s producers in building local economy.

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