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About Tanzanian Tea

Tanzania is one of the major tea producing countries in Africa and in the world. Located south of the equator, Tanzania has warm tropical climate with two distinct seasons, in most places, i.e. wet and dry. These conditions are suitable for tea growing all year around.

With increasing demand to cater for other tastes of teas, producers in Tanzania have stepped up to offer herbal infusion and flavoured tea which we have made available here and we will increase the range accordingly.

Cup Profile

Tanzania is predominantly producer of black tea. Its tea is considered by many frequent tea drinkers around the world as refreshing and good strong cup that has no bitterness - a tea with perfect blend.

Production History

Tanzania is considered as one of the major tea producers in Africa, ranked 4th. Tanzania is a warm tropical country, south of the equator, with seasonal patterns of precipitation characterized with wet and dry season. This weather condition favours the production of tea which has increase year on year.

With all production carried out by local firms and monitored by the Tanzania Tea Board, this has helped to guarantee the quality of tea. Tanzania has good internal market for tea, and sells quality blended and packaged tea internal and external with the same unaltered quality.


Why Tanzanian Tea?

Don't take our words of it! Just try it, the notion of quality and best are subjective. All tea packs presented here are original products, as produced and packaged locally in Tanzania, not available in local supermarkets in Europe. 

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